Pigmentation – limelight facial

We treat a range of skin tones and aging skin conditions using Limelight, which delivers a non-invasive light treatment customised to your individual needs. The treatment is performed with minimal to mild discomfort revealing outstanding skin rejuvenation results. Limelight treatments take approximately 20-30 mins.

The limelight facial is perfect for any part of your face, neck and décolletage. Limelight is an excellent choice when treating redness, small veins or brown spots. These skin concerns were previously difficult to treat which now respond well to treatment like Limelight.

Following treatment with Limelight, your skin may appear red and brown spots you had may darken. Within approximately one to three weeks, the dark spots will fade and begin to flake off.

The Xeo and Solero lasers from Cutera are the perfect choice for the limelight treatment, visit their web site for further information: www.cutera.com.au

The cost of this treatment for full face is $295. Prices do vary for different areas. It is recommended that each client has approximately 3 treatments 4 weeks apart.
All laser treatments performed by experienced Registered Nurse.