We treat a range of skin discolorations and broken capillaries that cause redness using our laser genesis machine. The treatment is performed with mild discomfort stimulating collagen production thus improving overall skin colour, skin health whilst targeting specific skin concerns including wrinkles, fine lines and uneven skin tone.

The upper epidermises is gently heated with the Genesis laser which ultimately diffuses the redness that causes rosacea. The heat that is produced breaks down damaged capillaries and dispels trapped blood and redness below the skin’s surface. Unlike other laser treatments on the market, Laser Genesis is non-ablative which means it does not affect the skins surface as it penetrated into the deep layers of the dermis. As such minimising any damage caused by extreme thermal temperature that prevents scaring and skin damage.
The Xeo and Genesis plus lasers from Cutera are quality, high-end machines that have an excellent reputation and deliver excellent results. Visit their website for further information:

All laser treatments performed by experienced Registered Nurse.